Relationship Tips for Newly Weds


Relationship Tips for Newly Weds

  1. Learn to fight well in a relationship-

Fighting, bickering, or even slamming doors is a normal couple behavior. Like everybody says “No one in this world is perfect and sometimes it takes over your emotions.” Ensure to take care of yourself and your partner at the same time, try to aim for win-win situations and head as fast as you can towards mutual relief. If your partner is angry, overstressed or fearful, try to calm them down by saying something cute or crack a word like “booty.” When someone yells that word, it means it is time for a breather.


  1. Maintain a Couple’s Bubble-

A couple’s bubble defines your relationship’s safety and security system, and it is best known to couples in a long-distance relationship. Think about this bubble as couples values and promises made to each other that will protect the relationship from any outside forces. Affirmations like the relationship guide this bubble more critical than any of their need rights now, or you will be the first to hear any information that is important. To develop your couple bubble both the partners should write a mission statement, where each of you conveys your values, plan, goals, and desires. By creating a bubble, it will help you identify which values are similar and where they can clash. When in hard times your mission statement will remind you both on what you stand for in your values.

  1. Make daily eye contact with your partner-

Remember the times when you first started dating, and you found it very hard resist laying eyes on each other or even when you walked along the aisle, and your eyes were locked into each other. It is an extraordinary way to connect with your partner as eye contact can keep the love in the relationship between the partner. Make sure to learn in how to gaze into each other’s eyes. Practice every day for about 40 days, and it will become a habit.


  1. Try a Netflix intervention once in a while-

Watching and talking about movies that surround romantic relationships can cut the divorce rates of newly married couples in half, according to the new study in psychology. The study participants had to watch a romantic movie per week followed by a 45-minute discussion of how the interaction of each person is compared. The divorce rate was at a lower rate of 11 percent than the couples who had 25 percent for no intervention at all. Better results were shown in lighthearted movie approach which worked as well as the intensive remedies. The results of the research suggested that many of the couples already possessed relationship skills, all they need was the reminders to put them into practice, told the researchers.

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