Relationship Advice for Couples


Relationship Advice for Couples

  1. Never Take your partner for Granted-

Always notice the beautiful things that your partner does for you and ensure you are grateful to them whenever possible. This might be in simple gestures such as cleaning the dishes after eating or telling them how you appreciate them for making coffee or tea precisely the way you like it. They feel very helpful for the love and kindness they show you and will express their appreciation to you in turn. So that no one feels like their actions are taken for granted.

  1. Share a few Hobbies and even solo pursuits-

Sometimes you may not share what your partner loves, and they may not be interested in what you love. Well, this entirely okay, it is great to have a few hobbies and interests together, it is necessary to have your social groups and interests as well.

  1. Respect Each other’s personal space-

Being together is important but what is more important is the ability to spend time alone. If you spend a lot of time together, it can be irritating, especially if you feel they are invading your personal space. Giving a time alone is important for growth, personal reflection, meditation or even just having a quiet contemplation. Always remember that the absence of your partner makes your heart grow fonder, and you will feel happy to have them in your life after getting the needed space away from them in the relationship.


  1. Communication is Vital part of a relationship-

Only a few of us can read our partner’s mind, so it is very important to express things that weigh on us, even if they are positive or negative. Sometimes the little behavior that bothers us can become more irritating over time, so it is best you convey the problem to them before it reaches a point of anger. At the same time, miscommunications can lead to heated arguments with your partner.  So, if anything is bothering you discuss it with your partner calmly and sort things out. A few things you may have misread or misheard about something your partner said/can be clarified before it turns into an argument: even though we think we know our partners we after living them for many years, people grow and change over time, and so does the methods of communication.

  1. Do not forget yourself In a relationship-

It is bound to happen that once couples and the closeness towards them have reached a certain comfort levels wins out over early awkwardness, and leading to some change in the behavioral patterns. You might not spend an hour prepping before dinner to make sure that your hair is perfect, or your partner might wear the same pants for two days in a row without worrying about what you might think of their outfit. That’s normal and quite hilarious. That said, closer comfort levels don’t mean that you should neglect your hygiene, or let your living space fall into complete ruin. You know they’re not going to criticize you if you leave pizza boxes all over the floor, but that doesn’t mean that you should.

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